12-07-24 GAA Rounders

How to start a new club

Here is a guide to setting up a new club including all the supports you need.

1.  Find 9 players who want to play rounders in a friendly league starting at bottom and working up with experience

2. Fill out affiliation forms to get access to the membership database so your players are members of the GAA players injury fund and are eligible to train and play. 

3. Set up your first training session ensuring your have a starter pack (Mats, Sliotars, Bats, Rule book, GAA Approved Helmets)

4. We can Buddy you up with a local club to assist with understanding rules and play 

5. Enter League / Tournament to test your metal. 

6. Have fun and learn more about the game through Foundation courses and advanced skills courses. 

Send an email to secretary.rounders@gaa.ie to get the affiliation forms and get your club moving.