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Our first ever Senior Quarter Finals took place in Slashers GAA, Longford on July 15th.
The first game scheduled was Mixed, Cuchulainn, Carlow versus Erne Eagles, Cavan. The Ulster squad hit hard in the first innings, scoring 20 and conceding 4. However every innings after was much closer, 2-1, 2-2, 0-0, 6-1. Leinsters Ann Marie Brennan & Billy Connors were never put out, along with Eagles Barry Mcardle & Michael Cullen. Game finished 30-8.

Glynn/Barntown, Wexford faced Sporting Limerick in Mixed next. The Wexford side took control of the game from the start, due to some fine hits from Kenny O Reilly, who hit two home runs along with team mate Jason Malone. Limericks Nigel Mann put on a marvelous display in COF, making some fine catches, doubling up with excellent throwing. game ended 33-2.

Ladies competition took center stage for the next four games. Bagenalstown, Carlow and Clonaslee, Laois was the next pairing. This was a Pitchers game, both Nicola (Bagenalstown) & Aine (Clonaslee) contributed to most out's for their team's, with a combined 17 out's between them. Carlows Sharon O Rourke was the only player never put out. Match result 13-6.
The Heath, Laois and Adamstown, Wexford contested the following game. Adamstown had a shaky start, allowing 12 players to make the 100 meter sprint in the first innings. The Wexford side went on to win the second and third innings. Laois' Aoife Daly, again was impressively never put out for her team, along with Wexford's Aine Shannon & Stephanie Sinnott. The Heaths Danielle Keane, recorded 10 of the required 15 outs her team needed, finishing the game 25-15.
Breaffy, Mayo battled Cuhulainn after this, a replay of last years Semi Finals, except Breaffy came out victorious. Connaughts Catcher Olivia Tolster, had a superb 4th innings, taking all three outs herself. Carlows Sinead Abby, was never put out, along with Breaffys Collete McTigue. Final result 20-4 in a game that went under an hour.
Glynn/Barntown were pitted against Erne Eagles, for our last Ladies Quarter Final. This game was neck and neck until the bottom of the fourth, when Leinsters Kiera Waters, hit a monster home run, Kiera was also never put out, along with team mate Emma Reddy. Cavans Andrea Barber took most outs as Pitcher for her team, while Wexford's Linda Dempsey & Kiera, shared twelve outs between them on 1st & 2nd base. Final result 23-12 to Glynn/Barntown, who's hopes of three in a row continue.
It was back to Mixed competition for our last two games of the day. Bagenalstown faced our reigning champions The Heath. Carlow's Ellen Condon & Elaine Clarke, were never put out, while the champs Danielle Keane, had an impressive RBI along with James Kavanagh, who hit a bases loaded home run, both helping to secure their club a victory, 24-7.
Limekiln, Dublin encountered Breaffy in our last game. This was the lowest scoring game of the day, also going under the hour mark. The innings played out 2-1, 3-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-. Breaffys Paula Leneghan, was the only player never put out. The Dubs Adam Riordan was top scorer, while Chris Hughes secured most outs for his club, helping them advance to the Semi Finals.
Glynn/Barntown Wexford
Sunday July 29th, Portlaoise GAA, Laois
our Senior Men, Ladies & Mixed will take place
Ladies Semi Finals
Bagenalstown, Carlow V The Heath, Laois
Glynn/Barntown, Wexford V Breaffy, Mayo
Mens Semi Finals 
Erne Eagles, Cavan V Breaffy, Mayo
Limekiln, Dublin V The Heath, Laois
Mixed Semi Finals
Glynn/Barntown, Wexford V Erne Eagles, Cavan
Limekiln, Dublin V The Heath, Laois
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