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As we gear towards a return to Rounders, it is important that we field a good squad of referees to assist our development and grow the game further. 


We have a referee's course suited to those who understand to basic of the game and want to qualify as a referee. 


Every club should have at least 1 ref who doesn't play on a weekly basis.  Underage championship games are likely on a Saturday and adult games on a Sunday. With social games during the week.  


No ref is out of pocket for refereeing our games and the fee has just gone up. 



We have 3 senior championships, 3 intermediates, 3 minor championships, and at least 6 underage championships with feiles coming up. We also have social rounders leagues starting. We need your help to keep everything flowing


To qualify as a referee there are several parts;


Online course given on teams (3 hours)

Assessment (30mins)

Shadow Exp. referee for 3 matches (completing scorecard)

Exp. Ref shadows you for 3 matches

Exp. Ref Signs you off as competent. (over 1 or more matches)

You will then be qualified to ref all games except Senior Championship.




Every club should be putting 3/4 names forward for this year as games will be on Saturdays and Sundays.


Please send contact details of all refs back to