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Under 14 Boys & Girls Gaa Feile

INFORMATION- John West Feile na nGael – Rounders.


1. Panel will consist of players who are over 10 and under the age of 14 on the 1st January in the year of the Feile, a panel of 12 must be entered.

2. The panel entered should be your full panel, but there is a case for amendments to be made immediately prior to the first game and this will be done through the local Féile Official at the venue if it is justified for this change to happen.

Official Program requirements-

1. A Photo is required also, details below- the photo should include only the panel named on the registration/panel sheet, no coaches/mentors/ or others included please. We require a small piece of information about your club also approx.100 words.

2. One good quality Digital Team Photograph. Make sure all children are looking at the camera. The photograph should be of a high resolution 360 DPI. Don’t take it from Facebook – and include teams names


The venue for this year Feile, is Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford, what venue(s) we use will depend on entries, venues and fixtures will be known after the 7th April.


Format for GAA Feile Competition, 10th June 2017

New format to be introduced for the above Feile ; 40 minutes per game, all panel to bat and field for 20 minutes per game, no three out rule for early round matches. For quarter final, semi-finals and finals game will revert back to our game of three out – 5 innings.


> A panel of 12 players must be registered.

> All 12 must play in the course of the competition.

> In the event of a team being unable to field their registered panel of 12, substitution will be allowed in order to ensure that teams comply with rule 1 above.(note registration rules)

> Except in the quarter Finals, semi-finals and final, which will be played under the official rules, the following playing rules will apply in order to have the opening group games controlled time-wise. (Games in this stage will last 40 minutes.)

> 2 innings per game. 20 minutes per innings i.e. (10 minutes batting, 10 minutes fielding). Stop watch will be used by umpire on second base – he/she will call time.

> Each of the three substitutes must commence the start of the second innings and compete 20 minutes of play (if not have not already been sub. for injury in the first innings).

> At the start of the second innings, the substitutes will assume places 10, 11, and 12, in the batting order.

> All umpires must bring time wasting to the attention of the referee.

> Where time wasting is identified the referee must award 2 bases

> The Referee decision on time wasting is final.

Results from this competition will be posted when made available.  
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